Yeah, Your IT Guy Is Probably Reading Your Email

from the just-because-you're-paranoid,-it-doesn't-mean-they're-not-out-to-get-you dept

You probably suspected it, but there's a decent chance that someone in your IT department may be snooping on at least someone in your company -- and they don't seem to mind admitting it. It's not overwhelming, but about one in three IT folks admits to snooping using admin passwords to access information they're not supposed to look at. Given that there are probably plenty who won't admit it, there's a pretty good chance that the actual percentages are higher.

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  1. identicon
    Kevin, 25 Jun 2008 @ 3:55am


    When a single crazed IT admin can take done your entire company overnight you have a really big problem.

    How about when a single crazed electrician can take down your entire production line? Or when a single crazed accountant can take down your finances? Or when a single crazed security manager can lock down your entire facility? And so on...

    One thing to keep in mind is that in the United States, the corporate email system is considered a corporate asset and you have no expectation of privacy there. Most companies do have policies that say that they're allowed to read your email if they want to. Why should you be surprised if they exercise that right?

    Many companies use software tools or appliances that scan email not just for viruses and spam, but also for certain sensitive keywords to try to prevent leaking of confidential information. Do you think that people don't perform some degree of manual review of those systems?

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