This Is The New EMI? Trying To Personally Bankrupt CEOs Of Companies It Doesn't Like?

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Last year, a private equity firm took over the major record label EMI and announced that things were going to be different. It wasn't going to be anti-fan. It was going to look on the success stories of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails not as a threat, but as an opportunity. It even threatened to leave the RIAA and the IFPI unless it pulled back on suing fans. It then went out and hired internet savvy executives who would (hopefully) contribute a different perspective to the running of a major record label.

But, in the midst of all of this, it hasn't really backed down from a variety of ridiculous lawsuits. For example, it's been a part of a lawsuit against an ISP that refuses to spy on its users and cut off those who do unauthorized file sharing. We also noted last year that it had sued Michael Robertson's startup, MP3Tunes. Now we tend to have a lot of fun accusing Robertson of having the same marketing strategy with every company he starts: piss off some established company, get sued. It seems to happen with pretty much every company he starts from to Lindows/Linspire to SIPphone. So it really wasn't a huge surprise to see MP3Tunes sued -- though, it's difficult to see how a personal music storage locker that doesn't allow sharing could possibly be infringing.

However, now it appears that the "new" more "friendly" EMI isn't just suing MP3Tunes. According to Boing Boing and Michael Robertson, it's trying to extend the lawsuit to go after Robertson personally, saying that he should be personally liable. As you probably know, one of the purposes of a corporate structure is to limit the liability of the executives of a company. To go after Robertson personally makes very little sense unless the idea is to intimidate. Many executives will quickly settle in such circumstances so as to not open themselves up to such a huge liability. On top of that, the chilling effects are tremendous. Others won't even think of starting innovative services, for fear of being personally liable in a lawsuit.

Unless EMI pulls back its lawyers, I think we can safely conclude that the "new" EMI hasn't really changed much from the old EMI.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 18 Jun 2008 @ 9:56am

    Re: Re: Re: Daltry said it best:

    Mr. Riley,

    We ran your request by our PR and marketing departments and they concluded brand value for the Coward Corporation would be poised to diminish by a factor of 95%.

    In light of these facts, we are willing to work a compromise and not see these issues settled outside of the courts. We're quite aware that your utilization of Matlock practices coupled with the loud noises will surely hold up in court over the non-formal takedown notice. (Nice choice of hues by the way, it was the first one I've been privy to receive that has been in six different colors.) Please have your representation, "Electric Britches" Crabs, Esquire, Inc. contact our representation at Frisky Critter Dog and Cat Food Company at their earliest convenience.

    As for the misunderstanding with your cat, and kitchen snafu, understand that the hired help we sent to bake your birthday cake was allergic to cats and it was not checked off on page 17 of the triplicate form we received. The mistakes with your cat, Mr. Bigglesworth will be addressed by my superior- Dr. Evil. He will be contacting you at your place of residence.

    As part of the compromise, we would additionally be willing to upgrade from "Something Awful" to something were you can be the man, now that you mentioned your a dog. James, let me also share with you our intentions to make you into a "Good Boy", and we have a few chicken bones for you left over from the KFC we had the evening before last. As a Jack Russel Terrier, you should find them appealing to the palate. Additionally, as part of the settlement, we'll consider taking the invisible fence collar off of you should you agree to the terms.

    We look forward to a mutually beneficial conclusion to this humourous misunderstanding.

    Peace Love and hair grease,



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