Americans Getting Beyond Sound Bite Politics Thanks To The Internet?

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While some people are trying to make the case that the internet makes people dumber, some new research from the Pew folks has suggested the opposite may be true. It looked at how Americans are using the internet during the presidential campaign and found a significant number of them are using the internet to go beyond the insipid soundbites, and trying to dig out more substance. That is, they're watching unfiltered campaign speeches and debates, and also actually reading full campaign position papers and speeches. That would seem to go against those who claim that things like Google and Twitter are getting people into the mindset of only looking at snippets and soundbites. By the way, most of the coverage of this report is found in an Associated Press article, but thanks to the Associated Press's ridiculous anti-blogger policies we won't link to the AP version of the story, preferring, instead the press release from Pew.

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  1. identicon
    I dig Deeper into News, 16 Jun 2008 @ 11:05am

    It is because of the internet that

    My personal experience is exactly the opposite of what the AP article claims. The internet allows me to deep-dive topics effortlessly and, because it is so easy, I do so frequently. Gone are the days I simply 'accept' what AP has to say about at news item. I don't even 'accept' what AP deems as newsworthy. I determine what is 'newsworthy' to me. I read news articles, scan op-ed pieces, watch videos, follow blogs, comment, correspond, submit stories, and so on.

    I rely on my tailored internet sources to get information I want at a level of detail I like instead of relying on 'Professional News Organizations' to digest and dumb-down what they think is important.

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