Kids Use Mobile Phones Too Much? Send 'Em To A Mental Hospital

from the seems-a-bit-extreme dept

We've noted in the past the, well, addiction some people have to calling any sort of regular usage of something an "addiction." It's quite common with all sorts of technologies. Often there doesn't seem to be any actual evidence of an addiction -- or, if there is, it usually becomes clear that the problem is somewhere else, and the people simply turn to technology to avoid that other issue in their lives. Either way, it still seems a bit extreme to hear that, in Spain, parents have sent two children, aged 12 and 13, to a mental hospital to try to help "cure them" of their mobile phone "addiction." As parents, what was wrong with just taking away their mobile phone?

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  1. identicon
    hegemon13, 16 Jun 2008 @ 10:56am

    Re: Re:

    Because many people are not happy unless they have someone to hate. Now that race and gender are not socially acceptable differences upon which to base stereotypes and hateful prejudice, and large number of Americans have turned to political affiliation. On that division, stereotypes thrive, and are perpetuated by the media.

    So, Paul, in answer to your question, one of the stereotypes of liberals is that they like to take responsibility for one's behavior off of the individual, and blame it instead on some vague condition, predisposition, or disadvantage. I think this has less to do with liberal/conservative arguments than it has to do with whether someone is afflicted by what I call the "victim complex." That is, people who look for reasons to be victims. They exist througout the whole spectrum of politics. However, I do think it is accurate to say that they are more often attracted to the liberal side because of the more socialist, "government-should-take-care-of-me" attitude that persists in many outspoken liberals.

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