How Cuomo's Anti-Child Porn Efforts Will Make The Child Porn Problem Worse

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In discussing NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's success in getting ISPs to block a list of child porn sites and newsgroups, we noted that it wouldn't do a damn thing to stop child porn. The reality is that it may actually make the problem worse. It turns out that these efforts to make it harder to access child porn have serious unintended consequences: basically, those involved with child porn still have plenty of ways to access it, but it's much more underground than before. It makes it that much harder for law enforcement officials to track down those actually responsible and to stop child porn at its source. Again, it's a noble goal to try to stop child porn, but making ISPs block access to sites isn't the answer. And, the fact that those ISPs are admitting that they're blocking more than just the list makes those unintended consequences even worse. What Cuomo has done is make it harder to stop child pornography while also opening the door to others censoring the internet.

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  1. identicon
    Finnbjorn, 12 Jun 2008 @ 7:43pm

    Re: Re: Re: Why bother? Crime will happen.

    The way I see it, our law code currently contains three types of criminal activity: victimless crimes, crimes commited due to social disease and crimes commited due to mental disease. Laws against expression, such as(, as much as I hate to say this) the exhibition of child pornography, or Laws of Prohibition are of the first kind: no one made you look at the gallery, no one made you smoke that dope, there is no victim; and, as far as I'm concerned, laws of this nature are a hinderance to industry and a waste of government resources. Now, making child pornography, at least insofar as it require(s/ed) using live children (or dead children for that matter) is an example of the third sort of crime: a serious offense commited out of mental disease. The monsters who commit these offenses should be tracked, captured and enslaved inorder to pay for their psycological treatment, with release from bondage contingent on healing. Now, there is no known cure for pedophelia or anti-social disorder or the many other severe diseases that lead to serious crime; so, these creatures would be in bondage into perpetuity. The burglary I requested premission for earlier is of the second order: a crime born of social disease: in this case a powder-cag of my poverty and your ignorance. The remedy is to enslave us both inorder to pay for the education that we will receive until such time as you are no longer so silly, and I am vested with the job skills that will prevent me from needing to return to theft as a means of supplementing my income. By this method of dealing with crime industry is encouraged, poverty and ignorance and the diseases they breed are discouraged, and the masses are kept safe from the monsters that huant our population, the effect of which is to make society happy, healthier, safer and more productive: in short, this method of dealing with crime makes the world an intrinsicly better place. Such noble endevour is plenty of reason to bother. If you have no stomach for struggle or fighting, then I suggest you leave; because, as long as matter is finite life will always be synonymous with combat.

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