How Cuomo's Anti-Child Porn Efforts Will Make The Child Porn Problem Worse

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In discussing NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's success in getting ISPs to block a list of child porn sites and newsgroups, we noted that it wouldn't do a damn thing to stop child porn. The reality is that it may actually make the problem worse. It turns out that these efforts to make it harder to access child porn have serious unintended consequences: basically, those involved with child porn still have plenty of ways to access it, but it's much more underground than before. It makes it that much harder for law enforcement officials to track down those actually responsible and to stop child porn at its source. Again, it's a noble goal to try to stop child porn, but making ISPs block access to sites isn't the answer. And, the fact that those ISPs are admitting that they're blocking more than just the list makes those unintended consequences even worse. What Cuomo has done is make it harder to stop child pornography while also opening the door to others censoring the internet.

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  1. identicon
    Finnbjorn, 12 Jun 2008 @ 7:22pm

    Re: Separate Us

    "Let every man live on their own island happily and peacefully with whatever virtue they choose."

    The pleasure of many is to dominate others and dictate society. This glitch in your 'reasoning' aside: if we isolated ourselves, then industry would become impossible and even agriculture would become difficult; so that, human life would be reduced to the dangerous level of bestial subsitance.

    "If people want to be gay, no need to hate them, simply put them on their island and let them be gay; nature will take it's course and they'll eventually become extinct due to lack of procreation."

    This statement is hateful and profoundly ignorant. Homosexuality is not a genetic trait; otherwise, there would be no homosexuals due to lack of procreation. Homosexuals always have and always will present normally within the breeding population of heterosexuals. Some research indicates that one in ten will be homosexual, no matter what, while other research suggests that the percentage of homosexuals within a society grows porportionately with the surplus population; but, all research agrees: homosexuals are born of heterosexuals, and heterosexuals will always produce homosexuals; so, you can't just send them off to get rid of them. There is no need to hate homosexuals anyway; because, they do no more harm to society than heterosexuals. Why do you care what grown, consenting adults do in privacy together anyway?

    "Child molestors? Let them grow their own kids and share amongst themselves (on their own island)."

    This is just disgusting. The crime in pedophelia is not adults acting out their fantasies. The crime in pedophelia is the physical and mental abuse, the raping of children. If you can't grasp that the single most important thing to do with child molestors is to keep them away from any children at all, then it is my sincere hope that you end up stranded on an island peopled with cannibals.

    The fighting is about people who profit from or enjoy injustice exerting their will per force on those who prefer peace and equality. The fighting is about safegaurding the weak from the sick. The fighting is about over-throwing the Oppressors and caging the Monsters so that the good People of Earth can lead happy, healthy, productive lives. And if you don't like it, then you're free to leave!

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