How Cuomo's Anti-Child Porn Efforts Will Make The Child Porn Problem Worse

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In discussing NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's success in getting ISPs to block a list of child porn sites and newsgroups, we noted that it wouldn't do a damn thing to stop child porn. The reality is that it may actually make the problem worse. It turns out that these efforts to make it harder to access child porn have serious unintended consequences: basically, those involved with child porn still have plenty of ways to access it, but it's much more underground than before. It makes it that much harder for law enforcement officials to track down those actually responsible and to stop child porn at its source. Again, it's a noble goal to try to stop child porn, but making ISPs block access to sites isn't the answer. And, the fact that those ISPs are admitting that they're blocking more than just the list makes those unintended consequences even worse. What Cuomo has done is make it harder to stop child pornography while also opening the door to others censoring the internet.

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    Dean, 11 Jun 2008 @ 12:48pm


    This has nothing to do with actually stopping child pornography. Big telcos like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, etc. have all been pushing for more power to act as internet Gatekeepers and internet traffic cops for a long time. All legislation and company policies that would normally be extremely controversial and unconstitutional suddenly become palatable in the name of "protecting the children". This will not stop with just child pornography. Telcos are already trying to apply this logic to sites that host some pirated music and videos. What happens when your site gets linked to by another site that has been banned and unbeknownst to you Comcast's filtering algorithms, or some other agency black-lists you as well because that link to your site is deemed as an association to banned material? This has the potential to allow the big Telcos to ban whatever site they want just by tweaking their filtering algorithms. Come on, this is not a good thing and has nothing to do with actually protecting children. Besides, once they shut the usenets down and other known sites, the peddlers of this kind of material will create other sites. Go after the people breaking laws instead of passing phony legislation to "protect the children" that only steals rights away from everyone. Arrest the pervaders of this material and amazingly we all get to keep our internet freedoms and the problem takes care of itself. It's funny how common sense and legislation don't seem to coincide with each other. If eliminating child pornography was the real reason for this sudden interest in news groups and other sites, they WOULD suggest going after the perpetrators. Instead, we get shady deals between government and big corporations once again that eventually affect everyone in a negative way and only benefit the people involved in making the deals.

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