Sorry T-Mobile, Other Companies Can Use The Color Magenta

from the trademark-isn't-ownership dept

A while back T-Mobile received a trademark on the color magenta for use in selling mobile phone services in certain markets, but it seems to be taking the trademark a little more seriously than it should, even to the point of threatening the blog Engadget for having a magenta-colored logo. It also took mobile operator Telia to court in Denmark for its own use of a magenta logo, but missed out on a couple of important facts: Telia and T-Mobile don't compete in the same markets in Denmark and (more importantly) Telia's magenta is a different shade of Magenta. The court has not just tossed out the lawsuit, but has dumped the court costs and Telia's legal fees onto T-Mobile's bill. Hopefully that will teach them that trademark law shouldn't be abused.

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  1. identicon, 30 May 2008 @ 8:36am

    This is unbelievable that a company would actually try to sue for this sort of thing. Especially when the people they are suing are in completely different markets. I am sure I can find a store/company that uses a very similar color green that John Deer uses, yet they don't sue for that sort of thing. It would be a feasable arguement if the companies they were suing were other cell phone companies that used the same exact color AND a similar design. Way to go T-Mobile... show us your true colors. They say any publicity is good publicity... BUt, I don't think that is the case here. It shows you are a greedy and ruthless company, and most informed people try to stay away from that. Good luck to you! LOL

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