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15:18 Body Cameras Save Another Law Enforcement Officer From A Bogus Sexual Misconduct Complaint (11)
14:04 Microsoft Lobbying Group Forces 'Pirate' To Get 200,000 Views On Anti-Piracy Video... Whole Thing Backfires (60)
12:43 Saudi Arabia Says It Will Sue Twitter Users Who Compare It To ISIS; Apparently Skips The NY Times (66)
11:38 UK ISP Boss Highlights Technical Stupidity Of The Snooper's Charter Proposal (15)
10:41 L.A. Politician Proposes Bold Plan To Wreck Homes, Destroy Lives And Abuse License Plate Reader Technology (110)
10:36 Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Deals (0)
09:31 German Museum Sues Wikimedia Foundation Over Photos Of Public Domain Works Of Art (24)
08:29 French Government Using State Of Emergency As An Excuse To Round Up Climate Change Activists (38)
06:30 The NSA's Bulk Collection Of Phone Records Ended Saturday. Long Live The Bulk Collection Of Phone Records! (23)
03:32 Details Of How The Paris Attacks Were Carried Out Show Little Effort By Attackers To Hide Themselves (70)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (0)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 22nd - 28th (0)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: A New Approach To Smartphone VR (5)


12:00 Coincidentally Just In Time For Black Friday, It's The Techdirt Gear Clearance Sale! (0)


19:39 Stupid Patent Of The Month: Infamous Prison Telco Patents Asking Third-Parties For Money (26)
18:19 Sixth Circuit Appeals Court Prepares To Consider The Privacy Implications Of Mugshots (14)
17:00 DailyDirt: Who Wants To Go To Space? (15)
15:24 Dear ZDNet: Comcast Has Been Sketchily Injecting Messages Into User's Browsers For Years (15)
13:50 Another Court Logically Concludes That Linking To Allegedly Defamatory Content Isn't Defamation (5)
12:38 Montana Newspaper Announces Plans To Reveal The Names Of All Previous Commenters, Despite Promises To Keep Them Secret (43)
11:39 If You Want To Have Sex With Charlie Sheen, You Have To Give Him The Copyrights On Any Photos You Take Of Him (20)
10:39 European Patent Office Threatens Blogger With Defamation Lawsuit For Criticism (13)
10:34 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Learn To Code Bundle (3)
09:32 Turing Refuses To Lower Cost Of Daraprim, Hides News Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday (31)
08:33 FCC Makes It Clear It Thinks Some Net Neutrality Abuses Are 'Innovative' And 'Pro Competition' (20)
06:30 German Publisher Axel Springer Just Can't Stop Suing Ad Blockers, And Attacking Its Own Readers (67)
03:00 Chinese Company Learns From The West: Builds Up Big Patent Portfolio, Uses It To Sue Apple In China (52)


23:30 Judge Does Mental Gymnastics To Deem Left Nut Brewing Trademark To Be Non-Offensive (37)
17:00 DailyDirt: Restoring Sight (2)
15:24 California Police Used Illegal Wiretap Warrants In Hundreds Of Drug Prosecutions (16)
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