EVDO Isn't A Third Pipe: Sprint Follows Verizon Wireless With 5GB Caps

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Well, this is unfortunate. Every time people want to pretend that there's "real" competition in the broadband market beyond DSL and cable, you hear them talk about 3G wireless services like Sprint and Verizon Wireless' EVDO. Of course, Verizon Wireless caps its EVDO service at 5GB/month -- go over that and it will cut you off. Sprint, however, remained customer friendly and having sold people "unlimited" plans, stuck to that plan and let folks use EVDO as much as they wanted to. I'm one of those customers, and have been a big fan of the service. When I travel, I use it constantly. It's convenient, reliable and more secure than WiFi. While it's not often, on heavy travel months, I almost certainly pass that 5GB barrier. Yet, now, according to Gizmodo and Phonescoop, Sprint is implementing its own 5GB cap. You can make all sorts of arguments about why it needs to do this -- or point to the fact that (eventually) it will have a WiMax network available (though, not for a while). But, in the meantime, a bunch of us were told that we were buying "unlimited" service. 5GB is hardly unlimited, and it's rather ridiculous to go back and change the deal after the company had already sold it to us. Either way, any time someone suggests that EVDO is a "third pipe" competitor to DSL or cable, remind them that it's an extremely limited third pipe with rules that change with almost no notice.

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  1. identicon
    Brian Hayes, 20 May 2008 @ 8:41pm

    Bite, Bleed, Pay

    I have no option but EVDO. Just three miles from the supermarket, there's no DSL or Cable just an south of Silicon Valley! I'm lucky to find a tower I can barely use with extra $300 amp and antenna.

    It's been said for years that com billing is puffed with fees to serve rural families but never did firms execute improvements. Current merchandising is the status of features not the delivery of conduit.

    Warning: The future of communications is the history of transportation.

    Soon like any package, com items will require a fee, a tax, and a delivery date -- wrapped and pleasantly traceable.

    Read twice.

    For each few blocks in major cities, all the Press Releases point to improved features. Yet on millions of monthly bills, fees and rates are paid for restricted, weak or diluted delivery. We know contracts and services are being ramped and diluted every day. It's easy. It's called lunch.

    It's Condo Collusion as I see it. China, Lagos, Athens, Madras; districts around the world are complaining about poor spectrum allocation! They all know the services are only downtown; maybe districts, and follow venue. Now Americans will soon find that the urban neighborhood or the building where they live will be "feature restricted" soon.

    Darn it. Haitians and French can march in the street. We merely wallet.

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