ABC Still Excited About DVRs That Disable Fast Forward

from the bad,-bad-ideas dept

A few months ago, we wrote about how ABC was excitedly testing a new DVR technology that would prevent people from fast forwarding through commercials on their DVR. If this seems dumb and destined to fail, that's because it's dumb and destined to fail. You don't compete with things like a fully functional DVR that has features people want by creating a crappy DVR that doesn't have the features people want. That story got plenty of attention -- which should have made its way back to ABC. But, if it did, the company is ignoring it. As reader Joey writes in to let us know, at ABC's recent "upfronts" where it pitches its latest efforts to advertisers, it's still excitedly pushing the idea of the fast-forward-disabled DVR (in the update at 4:34). The NY Times reporter claimed it was "a fancy way to combat DVR use." Except, that it's not. It's a dumb way to combat DVR use because all it will do is anger a bunch of people and get them to go out and buy a DVR that doesn't do that sort of thing.

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  1. identicon
    claire rand, 19 May 2008 @ 11:07am

    it will work just fine

    make it a requirement?

    they will just do what sky does in the uk.. some channels will only be available using this crippled dvr, encrypt the signal in some reasonably basic way and DMCA anyone who 'hacks' it.

    ok will only work with some channels initially, but make this the standard box for abc on some premium service (make the box part of the sub like cable/sat do) and its in place. seriously hold back on the 'no skip' for a few months, maybe a year..

    job done

    some people will find a way to hack it, but most won't, make the encryption updatable on the fly.

    point being the coding doesn't have to be good, just good enough to deal with 95% of the population, the other 5% are busy grabbing shows via torrents, forget them

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