Man Arrested For Child Porn, Blames Google For Making It Too Easy To Find

from the well-there's-a-defense dept

It's amazing how little anyone is willing to accept blame these days. They always find someone else to blame for their actions. For an extreme example, a guy in the UK arrested for having more than 16,000 child porn photos is using the unique defense that it's all Google's fault for making it so easy to access the photos. His lawyer noted: "He feels that he would not have committed these offences if this information was not so freely available. He feels if companies like Google did not provide access to such sites, he would not have committed the offences." It's tough to see the court buying that kind of argument.

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  1. identicon
    Staying Anonymous, 21 May 2008 @ 7:18am

    Re: Re: Re: In response.

    The recent change in age of consent laws in Canada raising it from 14 to...well..18 in most cases...almost died in Parliament because no one could quite decide what to do with the 16 year old attracted to the 14 year old and if that was illegal.

    They resorted to a formula that involved differences in age of, I think, two years. I say I think because it isn't all that simple, of course, but that should cover it.

    Time to do a bit of outing here. I was sexually abused as a child by what shrinks call "trusted adult". My father actually. I won't go into what that did to my life other than to say that some of it wasn't the least bit pretty.

    What it does do is illustrate that the vast majority of child/adolescent sexual abuse is perpetrated by an adult the victim knows, trusts and, often, loves. Something well over 90% of it.

    The guy in the dirty raincoat hanging around schools is a myth. There are some though nowhere near as many as our current obsession with this topic would have us believe.

    In no way shape or form am I defending kiddie porn sites or excusing them. They are, however, a reality. Deal with it. How, I don't know but just deal with it. and a bullet in the head isn't the way to do it.

    But do get it through your head that the problem isn't kiddie porn sites. They are a symptom. And while you're at it get it through your head that the overwhelming majority of child sexual abuse instances are committed by adult parents, relatives, close family friends and so on. Stranger abuse is rare in relation to that.

    As for age of consent there's a major problem with attempts to legislate that. The forgotten reality in all of this is that when a child hits puberty a more powerful force has decided that it's time for sexual relations.

    That force, of course, is nature. Attempts to legislate an age of consent, while well intentioned, are crude instruments to put up against this powerful force. While destined to fail they are "a good thing" though, I suspect, 18 is leaving it a little late. In all honesty I don't really know what age is ought to be though I think 18 is an age where the person will simply laugh at the law should he or she decide they want to get laid.

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