Man Arrested For Child Porn, Blames Google For Making It Too Easy To Find

from the well-there's-a-defense dept

It's amazing how little anyone is willing to accept blame these days. They always find someone else to blame for their actions. For an extreme example, a guy in the UK arrested for having more than 16,000 child porn photos is using the unique defense that it's all Google's fault for making it so easy to access the photos. His lawyer noted: "He feels that he would not have committed these offences if this information was not so freely available. He feels if companies like Google did not provide access to such sites, he would not have committed the offences." It's tough to see the court buying that kind of argument.

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  1. identicon
    John Strickland, 20 May 2008 @ 4:10pm


    Mr. Pedo said "Namely... its not really a problem, but everyone loves to make it out to be."

    I can understand that some might think, that like homosexuality, our culture will just become more tolerant.

    The difference is that homosexuality is between adults who are old enough to make informed decisions about who they are and what they are doing with their life.

    In the case of a pedophile, they are asking someone who doesn't have to the right to say yes. They don't have the right because they are not old enough to manage that kind of decision yet.

    This is why there are laws that prevent old guys from nailing 14 year old girls.

    With an age difference of that much, you get into issues of power balance. Namely a relationship these days are supposed to be equal. If one partner is old enough to be a parent, you don't have equality you have a sex slave.

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