NY State Demands Email Addresses/Usernames Of Sex Offenders

from the grandstanding-to-protect-the-children dept

Chris writes in to let us know about a new law passed in NY State that requires any sex offender to register any email addresses and screennames with the government. Any time a sex offender registers a new name or email address, he needs to alert the state within 10 days. While you can understand the grandstanding reasoning behind this ("protect the children!"), this really does seem fairly pointless. It's similar to a federal proposal, and all it really does is create a huge bureaucracy. Despite what the mainstream media has portrayed, the vast majority of sex offenders are not online stalking people. Most involve people known to the offender (all too often family members). In fact, recent research has shown that the whole "internet threat" thing is totally overblown. This isn't to absolve sex offenders of their crimes -- but to question the reasoning behind this sort of law. Those who are really out to stalk kids online will simply ignore this law -- and all NY State gets is a big bureaucratic mess tracking usernames and emails.

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  1. identicon
    Eric Justian, 19 Aug 2008 @ 8:58pm

    E-mail Addresses

    I would like to say that while they are getting all of us sex offenders adressess and info they are getting aawy with treason yet no one cares save the children remember that is why this all started,
    but the former gov spitzer was a criminal also what is his punishment? nothing like a sex offender but he was a sex offender himself also a thief right? stay distracted we are sitting here on this computer but we are not walking the protest line so where does all of this really go? they will always get what they want because the children need the prtection from our great governments, they won't get money if they don't keep this stuff up so say goodbye to thye constition now you won't get your chance later.

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