Will Self-Control Work For In-Flight Internet Access?

from the are-people-trustworthy? dept

With in-flight internet access getting closer and closer to reality for many airlines, there are still plenty of questions about etiquette and acceptable behaviors. Some airlines are purposely setting up content filters and blocking the use of VoIP (as much as possible, since it's possible to get around most blocks), but as Broadband Reports points out, some believe that people will self-regulate, in most cases. People surfing porn at open WiFi hotspots hasn't been a huge issue, because people know that others are around and so they have enough self-control. The same should be true on airplanes. And while we all know people who are oblivious to how rude it is to hold a loud mobile phone conversation in public, a few reminders and social cues may be enough to keep that from being a serious problem in the air. There will be exceptions -- but is trying to eliminate those few exceptions worth having a near total ban on certain activities?

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  1. identicon
    saleh, 12 May 2008 @ 8:42am

    People already self regulate porn watching, but rudeness is another matter

    I fly 100,000+ miles a year, and have never seen anyone watching porn on their laptop or looking at dirty magazines in-flight. I would imagine that any discerning porn aficionado would have some socked away on their hard drive, and this would already be a problem if not for social pressure.

    Per JB's comment, I do see many passengers who are rude and/or filthy, and expect the flight crew to be their personal servants. I would imagine that bad behavior would be the norm if reasonably priced in-flight phone service were available.

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