Competitors Using Software To Mark Each Other's Craigslist Postings As Spam

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One sign of a successful software company is when an ecosystem starts to build around it. We've seen this with companies like Microsoft, eBay and Google of course. And, while there definitely have been some products built on top of Craigslist, I hadn't realized it had gone so far as to include software that will try to trick Craigslist into deleting a post as spam. As you may know, Craigslist has a little link on each post that allows any reader to "flag as spam." There's an automated system that takes note of these clicks, and if enough such clicks come from enough unique users, the post is automatically pulled off the site. For the most part, this system is both effective and efficient. But, according to the linked article above, there's software out there that will let you "flag as spam" any post you want, sending multiple clicks pretending to come from unique users. It's being used by some companies to maliciously pull down perfectly legitimate posts from competitors. Craigslist says it's constantly tweaking its systems to avoid this kind of thing, but why not have a Wikipedia-style setup, where "deleted" spam posts can be reviewed by folks who can "undelete" the not-spam ones? It can use the same basic system, where if enough people vote that a "spam" post is legit, it goes back online. Or if it's really an issue, then certain posts that get jerked back and forth could finally be "locked" by an admin based on their discretion.

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  1. identicon
    karate tortoise, 17 Apr 2010 @ 10:02pm

    Why do people have problems with dealers posting ads? The For Sale by Owner section is loaded with retards who obviously have no intention of selling a vehicle. At least a car dealer WANTS to unload inventory. Here's a few tips for posters and some idiot ranters here:

    1.120k-plus is not low mileage for ANY model year
    2.If a vehicle has been wrecked and damn near totaled, Blue Book value is of no consequence
    3.Try posting a phone number or some sort of contact info if you're serious about selling your car
    4.Type your ad in MS Word or other word processing program and check for grammar and spelling errors
    5. A 1985 Buick Ciera is NOT a classic or antique
    6. A potential buyer doesn't give a rat's ass about your emotional attachment or sentimental value to a vehicle
    7. Spammers, don't post photos of vehicles with palm trees and/or desert in geographical areas where neither would ever occur. The incoherence of what you cut and paste is bad enough.

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