RIAA Now Decides That Not Enough People Have Heard Of Project Playlist

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There they go again. The RIAA and MPAA keep picking totally random, mostly unknown, startups and suing them -- giving them all sorts of free publicity. They did it years ago with Napster and more recently with The Pirate Bay. And yet... they keep doing it. In the latest example, the RIAA is suing a company called Project Playlist, which offers apps for MySpace and Facebook that let you play music found elsewhere online. There are a bunch of similar offerings out there (some of which I think are even more well known). If this case goes forward, it could be quite interesting, as again it's hard to see how Project Playlist is the liable party. It just lets users point its player to mp3 files that are found on other sites. Those files may be infringing, but Project Playlist is just the player. It would be like suing Sony for making a Walkman on the assumption that most tapes used in Walkmen include infringing copies of songs.

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  1. identicon
    eleete, 29 Apr 2008 @ 3:19am


    Is it just me ? I remember recording songs off the radio when I was in elementary school... when did listening to music become a potential law suit ? When did the law get passed that says EVERY song I hear I must pay for (again and again). Seems like these people want a dollar every time a song is played, whether it's theirs or not. Someone in this country needs to wake up, this isn't about starving artists (if they are starving, it is well documented that the RIAA is behind that (they don't pay the artists involved in these suits, they horde the money)) this is about corporate greed. Their powerful lobbyist groups are passing laws here in the U.S. that very few citizens want imposed on them (including making copyright infringement a Criminal activity) but they are also trying to shove it down the throats of neighboring countries. They're the first to get all suit happy any time a song is played, and the last to loosen their grip on that money for the people who create their precious IP. It sounds very AntiTrust to me, they need to be slapped down, yet our only hope so far is Tanya Andersen. Guess I just have to keep watching to see if we go down the road of communism or uphold our democracy of, for and by the people once again.


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