Russia Wants To Censor The Internet

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Get the feeling that folks in Russia are a bit jealous of China's Great Firewall? Suddenly, we're seeing lots of proposals that seem to be designed to limit what folks can do online. Just recently we wrote about efforts to require WiFi users to register with the government, and now Russian prosecutors are trying to extend "anti-extremism" laws to the internet. The laws apparently forbid newspapers from publishing "extremist material," at the risk of being shut down completely. Prosecutors are hoping that an internet version of the law would require ISPs to block access to any sites that include "extremist" content. Of course, extremist content is defined rather broadly. It seems pretty clear that this is just an attempt to try to stifle speech the government doesn't like.

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  1. identicon
    pgraves, 25 Apr 2008 @ 2:59am

    Not my problem

    If a man is beaten up in front of my house then I either try to step in to stop it, or if it looks really dangerous I call the police.

    If someone draws a line across my front garden and says "this is another country over here", then they can beat him all they like, its no longer my problem.

    If a clique of gangsters successfully takes charge of a country, and then subverts its laws in order to continue to exploit its people and resources indefinitely for their own gain (Of course this could never happen could it), then because its not my country, its not my problem.

    Are we not at some level brothers and sisters? What is the bizarre and oh-so-convenient delimitation of a "country" that allows us to wash our hands of all involvement with the affairs of the people next door?

    And No I'm not a fan of W.

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