Botnet vs. Botnet: Can A Good Botnet Block A Bad One?

from the battle-of-the-botnets dept

Last year we wrote about how rival online scammer gangs had their botnets fighting each other by disabling trojans of competing botnets on their computers -- but it appears that some researchers have a different idea for creating a "good" botnet to fight the "bad" botnets being used for denial of service attacks (found via Slashdot). This is quite different than some older proposals to create "good worms" that go about automatically patching infected machines (which are wide open to abuse). Instead, the idea is rather creative. It involves setting up a distributed system of computers that effectively act as a way station for connect requests -- which then wait for the actual server to request the inbound requests. This prevents the server from being overloaded (though, I would imagine it could slow down access somewhat). Either way, it's nice to see efforts under way to stop such zombie botnets. Hopefully someone isn't sitting on a patent for such an idea and waiting to sue, like we've seen with other security measures.

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  1. identicon
    G!, 24 Apr 2008 @ 12:19am

    Re: Stupid, stupid Idea

    Its easy to shoot something down, but it would be better if you could come up with an alternative suggestion...

    You can't expect that everyone is computer savy enough to ensure that their computer does not become part of a botnet, so why not "police" the net for these types of threats?

    I agree you are increasing traffic, but is that really an argument? Should we say that we leave criminals on the street because there is not enough cells to lock them up?

    Them being taken over by the baddies is indeed a valid argument and it just means that counter measures need to be taken to deal with those cases.
    (If the bad guys can take over the good guys, then why not the otherway around...)

    We should not follow it blindly, since the good guys might not always have good intentions too... Think ads, internet behaviour etc. But it is a start to deal with this issue.

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