Seagate Decides It Can't Compete With Solid State; Sues Over Patents

from the shows-how-comfortable-Seagate-is dept

Just a few weeks ago, we noted that Seagate's CEO appeared to be admitting that his company didn't have a real strategy to compete with the growing threat of solid-state flash drives competing against traditional hard drives. Instead, he said that if the competition got too hot, he'd just sue for patent infringement. Basically, he was admitting that he was planning to use patents in exactly the opposite of the way they were intended to be used. He'd use them to block an innovative new competitor, but only once that competition became serious enough. Apparently, Seagate believes that moment is now, as we're seeing more and more laptops hit the market with solid state drives, so Seagate has filed its first patent infringement lawsuit against a maker of the technology. Basically, the company is admitting that it can't actually compete or make a better product, so its strategy is to sue competitors. It's a pretty weak response, but thanks to our patent system, it may be perfectly legal (if exactly the opposite of what the patent system intended).

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 15 Apr 2008 @ 9:52pm

    At the Above

    #1 & #2:
    Not trying to troll/flame but seriously. Why lock your self in to that one brand of hard drives? They may be better than Maxtor, but I've had more Seagate hard drives fail on me than Western Digital and the way the company acts in regards to customer service and this kind of thing is abysmal.

    I can understand fanboism of AMD-ATI/NVIDIA better than this. I'm just total at a loss to explain why you would lock yourself in to this company willingly, when their competition offers the same size hard drives at the same prices with similar warranties.

    @ #3 Same. I stopped buying them after having to RMA far too many (they're greatness has slipped quite a bit lately, far lower yields of good drives to their old standards).

    This is patent troll behavior. Only difference between Seagate and patent trolls is Seagate actually has a marketable product at the moment.

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