Next Up On Movie Theaters' List To Remain Relevant: 3D Movies

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It is beginning to look like movie theater owners are finally (finally!) coming to terms with the fact that they can't just sit back and whine about home theaters. Instead, they need to actually compete and offer a better experience, not easily replicated at home. In the last month, we've seen a few different stories suggesting that theater owners at least understand part of this. As we've noted, they're investing in IMAX screens and building luxury theaters. The latest is that they're trying to do a lot more 3D movies where the overall experience is enhanced by seeing it in a big theater. These are all steps in the right direction, and things that need to be done, but it would be nice if they fixed the core problems first: making the theaters comfortable, clean and mostly free from distraction. Also, it appears that all of these stories focus on how the theater owners are looking to increase prices for these "new" types of movie experiences. Considering how overpriced some folks already think movies are, theater owners might want to be careful about how much extra they're charging, or no one will come check out these innovations in the first place.

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    Twinrova, 16 Apr 2008 @ 4:02am

    3D isn't going to help theaters

    I'm sure 3D will grab the initial hype crowd, but it will eventually fall into obscurity when people truly see the downside to 3D, which has been well known for years.

    First, there's the uncomfortable factor of having specialized equipment to view. While not a huge downside, eventually it will become a nuisance.

    Second, there's the time constraint of forcing one's eyes to focus on objects within a dark room. People will begin to complain of headaches and this will definitely hit the media stream as "OMG! Look what 3D can do to your health! It's an American crisis!"

    Third, there's the 10% of viewers who, due to their eyes, can't view 3D successfully, thus alienating this market instantly.

    The movie industry needs to be more flexible, not restrictive. What you failed to tell people is that many movie studios are going 3D with future releases, including George "I'm so damn greedy" Lucas who is working on 3D versions of his franchise.

    What bugs me about this is that not once does the industry say this is best for the consumer. In every bit of news I've read, it's always (and I mean ALWAYS) published with the fact it's a competition against home theaters.

    How can the consumer win with this? By default, we've already lost. Oh, did I mention ticket prices will increase for this? Yes, this will most likely drive every consumer to the theater for sure, especially when gas is about to hit $4 a gallon!

    I do believe the theater industry is in need of a restructure to help draw in consumers, but this isn't the answer and will last short term.

    What will drive consumers back to the theater? Dropping prices, for starters. Does a large popcorn really cost $5 for them to make?

    Oh, right. They have to adjust this price because the damn media industry forces unheard of prices for theaters to show the movie to begin with.

    The final nail in the coffin to theaters is how the movie industry releases new movies to DVDs much faster than ever before.

    Why go when it's going to be out in 3 months?

    I've waited. So have many other consumers.

    So far, I've yet to see any reason why I would return and 3D isn't going to be it.

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