Next Up On Movie Theaters' List To Remain Relevant: 3D Movies

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It is beginning to look like movie theater owners are finally (finally!) coming to terms with the fact that they can't just sit back and whine about home theaters. Instead, they need to actually compete and offer a better experience, not easily replicated at home. In the last month, we've seen a few different stories suggesting that theater owners at least understand part of this. As we've noted, they're investing in IMAX screens and building luxury theaters. The latest is that they're trying to do a lot more 3D movies where the overall experience is enhanced by seeing it in a big theater. These are all steps in the right direction, and things that need to be done, but it would be nice if they fixed the core problems first: making the theaters comfortable, clean and mostly free from distraction. Also, it appears that all of these stories focus on how the theater owners are looking to increase prices for these "new" types of movie experiences. Considering how overpriced some folks already think movies are, theater owners might want to be careful about how much extra they're charging, or no one will come check out these innovations in the first place.

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  1. identicon
    Allison, 27 May 2008 @ 1:34am

    I hate going to the movies!

    Do you remember a time when you could go to the movies and no one would talk, no one would answer their phones, no one would text message, no one would be rude and if they were - all it took was a backwards look and they knew they disrupted your movie and would be quiet the rest of the time.

    It's not like this anymore. I know why - parents. My kids at school do this same thing. We watch a movie in class (pertaining to our work, of course) and my kids sit and talk all the way through it. They yell at the screen, they participate in the story, they repeat lines the character's said for emphasis, they laugh absurdly loud at unfunny parts . . . and I blame their parents. Who taught them that it is ok to ruin someone's $30 movie (a couple with snacks and drinks) by talking all the way through it? Why do they think this is an acceptable way to act?

    We went and saw Iron Man tonight - the 11pm showing on a Monday night. We were the only ones in the theatre until the movie started and then people showed up (late of course). 3 people came and sat behind us, and immediately started talking TO the movie. Commenting on everything, saying "get it" when Robert Downey banged some chick, saying "oh shit!" when something blew up - it was great. THEN, the girl with them decided to answer her phone and TALK ON IT while the movie was playing. A fairly open theatre with no one in it and we have THESE people sitting directly behind us. I looked back a few times, I even went outside to complain and of course the manager came in, stood there for awhile and left (and of course they were silent while he was there). 3 more girls showed up to meet them, and then they proceeded to LOUDLY fill them in on what they missed - 20 minutes into the movie!!!

    This is why we never go to movies.

    I used to love to go to the movies. When I knew I was being loud, even in high school, the minute someone looked back at me I shut up. When I went to the movie I went to actually WATCH the movie, not socialize, not talk on the phone, not text, not to make out - it was a weird concept but I actually wanted to WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

    People used to get kicked out of theaters if they were loud. All it took was someone to complain and you were gone. Now, someone comes in, stands there acting important and leaves. Even when we left and asked for our money back no one apologized, no one made them leave - they got to just stay and watch them movie. I even said, "thanks you guys are awesome" as we were walking out and the guy said, "have a good night!" I hate him.

    I am going to open a movie theater. It will be just for people who enjoyed the good old days when people actually watched movies. I WILL kick people out, I WILL NOT refund anyone's money if they get kicked out and I will make movie going a PLEASANT experience once again.

    Or maybe, I should start a company called "the movie police." Theaters can hire us to come in and watch the movie with the crowd and the minute we see someone's phone, hear someone loudly talking - we police them right outta there. That is genius!

    Is there something we can do about this? Will theaters even listen? Does anyone agree with me? Am I alone on this? Do people actually ENJOY watching movies with these RUDE people? I feel like I am the only one that feels this way - does anyone else feel my pain?

    Ugh, we OF COURSE got two free passes for walking out tonight but I won't use them because I am never going to the movies again.

    I'm so sad, we saw 30 minutes of Iron Man and now have to wait for it to go on video :( I hate those rude kids and I hope that one day someone is talking during their movie when they get older and they remember me!!!

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