WiMAX Supporters Try To Suppress Case Study About WiBRO Troubles

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Tempers flared at the WiMAX show in Singapore last week when the WiMAX Forum apparently moved to suppress a report issued by one of their media sponsors, Telecoms Korea. The Telecoms Korea report, prepared with the expectation of distribution at the event, apparently included a case study regarding KT's deployment of WiBRO in South Korea, including relevant facts about the rocky start the service has had. Well, apparently "rocky start" isn't on the agenda at the WiMAX Congress, since the Forum blocked distribution of the report. Telecoms Korea is accusing KT of being behind the cover-up, and it is specifically singling out Ron Resnick, the Intel executive who currently sits as President and Chairman of the WiMAX Forum as being the ax-man. The publication is furious at the alleged censorship, and says it degraded to a shouting match at the Congress with Resnick saying, "Get out of here, now!" several times. That's too bad, because as an occasional subscriber to Telecoms Korea, I have seen that their editorial position on WiBRO has been one part national pride mixed with one part realism. If they have had any bias, it has been a hope to see WiBRO succeed. The publication argues that by turning a blind eye to the simple realities of KT's difficult launch, the WiMAX community is setting itself up for repeat disappointment rather than being able to learn from it.

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  1. identicon
    Alaric, 14 Apr 2008 @ 6:06pm

    Intel - WiMAX - hype gone wild

    WiMAX has really degenerated into pure BS. No offense but its a terrible mobile technology and its living entirely off of media hype fomented by intel.

    This is apparently the intel way. There was a good article regarding Nvidia's President going off about Intel's lies regarding video cards that kind of shows the same thing they're doing with WiMAX.

    They are truly incredible because when one of their "concepts" gets called they come up with a bigger one. Example. Intel: "wimax will be in laptops and mobile in 2006." Didn't happen

    So what does intel do? They make up a bigger one. Intel: "WiMAX will be in consumer devices like digital cameras and MP3 players. It'll be huge."

    This is going to bite them in the rear soon. 3G was hyped but after a while they just shut put and put up (as in subscribers and results). Intel acts like the US administration. Intel's cure for hype gone bad more hype. Its insane and its like water torture.

    Want to know why nokia and ericsson have restrained from the kind of cdma vs gsm battles of the past. Remember ericsson used to say CDMA couldn't work, etc.

    They've refrained because WiMAX is that bad.

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