Appeals Court Says Doesn't Qualify For Safe Harbors

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Lots of folks were surprised last year when the 9th Circuit court ruled that didn't qualify for section 230 safe harbors. Section 230 of the CDA, as you hopefully know, protects service providers from the actions of their users, and the ruling last May would potentially limit those protections. Until then, courts had generally interpreted the service provider clause quite broadly (reasonably so, in my opinion). Last fall, the court agreed to ditch the original ruling and rehear the case with an 11 judge panel. While that was happening, in a similar case against Craigslist, the 7th Circuit found that Craigslist was covered by the safe harbors and was not responsible for discriminatory housing posts.

However, it looks like the full panel on the 9th Circuit has decided to buck most other courts on this matter and is siding with the original ruling saying that is not immune from liability for discriminatory postings by its users. The reasoning seems to follow along the lines of the earlier ruling, that gave up its immunity by putting checkboxes and pulldown menus that allowed users to choose discriminatory options -- thus, actively taking part. In fact, the ruling makes it clear that by placing these options and effectively asking discriminatory questions, goes past being a service provider and becomes a content creator itself. Three out of eleven judges disagreed and dissented, claiming that this goes against the basic language of section 230. What's clear is that this issue isn't done yet, and there are going to be a lot more cases coming down the road (and some may target this court, seeing it as more "favorable" to these types of cases).

While it's always a little worrisome when a court tries to limit the coverage of these safe harbors, you can understand where the majority opinion comes from. isn't a neutral party, it claims, because: "Roommate does not merely provide a framework that could be utilized for proper or improper purposes; rather, Roommate’s work in developing the discriminatory questions, discriminatory answers and discriminatory search mechanism is directly related to the alleged illegality of the site." However, the dissenting opinion makes some very good points, noting that the majority seems to mix and match two separate issues: (1) is there discrimination and (2) is liable for any discrimination -- and as such, finds the discrimination (which isn't what the lawsuit was about) and then assigns the blame to Basically, the dissent is saying that the majority got blinded by the discrimination (without making a legal determination if there really is discrimination) and let that confuse them into assigning liability where it doesn't belong.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 4 Apr 2008 @ 5:13am

    Re: Preference != Racism

    Preference is not the same as Racism. Racism is, or is SUPPOSED TO BE, (acts of) hatred against others because of the race.

    I was once accused of being racist because I dated people of my own race. I eventually even married someone of my own race. Oh the shame!

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