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IOC: No Chinese Internet Filters During Olympics; All Other Times It's Fine

from the why-just-for-the-olympics? dept

Back in February, a New Yorker story claimed that China was planning to disable its "Great Firewall" for the Olympics, so it may not mean very much to hear that the International Olympic Committee is now demanding that China do exactly that. If the Chinese government was already planning on opening up the internet, it's pretty weak to then demand it anyway. Besides, there does seem to be something rather sketchy about the IOC demanding China drop the firewall just for the Olympics, saying it "would reflect very poorly" on the country. Does it not "would reflect very poorly" on China during the rest of the time as well? It's a cheap ploy for the IOC to demand the filters be taken down just for that period of time. It gives the IOC publicity as standing up to censorship, even though it doesn't care what happens when the Olympics aren't in town.

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  1. identicon
    Ljlego, 1 Apr 2008 @ 12:52pm

    Re: Re: Attentition

    "It's amazing, I am able to tell you're American by a single post."

    It's amazing, I am able to tell you're an ignoramus by a single post. It's a damn shame too, because I (American, by the way) agree with you to an extent in regards to China. I don't condone the repression of people (mostly because I would be screwed if dissenting wasn't allowed), but if the purpose of a government is to provide for its people, then China could (though they aren't) do a much better job than most Western powers.

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