Who Wants To Watch Full Length Movies On Their Mobile Phones?

from the please-tell-me-this-is-an-april-fools-joke dept

We were just talking about how people don't want to watch broadcast TV on their mobile phones, as the content isn't really designed for people on the go, and all of a sudden Sony thinks that people will want to watch full-length feature films on their mobile phones? Yes, Sony has worked out a deal to offer streaming feature films on AT&T mobile phones starting in May. The films are old films that have already had all the marketing life squeezed to death out of them ("Karate Kid," "Ghostbusters," "Bugsy"). While there won't be a charge to watch them, they will include advertisements (because there's nothing people like better than watching commercials on a tiny mobile screen as they wait to see the ending of "Ghostbusters"). Oh yeah, also, viewers have no control over the timing. It's not "on-demand," it'll just be an ongoing loop. Weren't companies like AT&T just complaining about too much bandwidth being wasted?

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  1. identicon
    Bill, 4 Apr 2008 @ 2:49pm

    Who watches movies on phones? I do - but not theirs.

    I always carry 2 or 3 feature-length films on my iPhone. I rip them from my own library of over 600 DVDs and change them out frequently so that there is always something new for me to watch.

    My iPhone plays video extremely well, has a great wide screen, and fits in my pocket. The audio is great through headphones and no worse than a cheap motel TV through the speakers. It has a compact cable which allows me to play the movies back on a full-sized TV if needed. I throw the cable and my charger in my carry-on when I travel. I watch movies in waiting rooms, in airports, on planes, in hotel rooms, on my patio, and other places where I have long periods of time to kill.

    As far as streaming TV goes, I will never pay for streaming network TV. I already pay Cox far too much to watch network TV and I certainly don't do it according to their schedule. I have a DVR box to watch only the shows I want, when I want to watch them. That is the only way I will ever watch TV. I would, on the other hand, buy a SlingBox for a one-time charge and stream my OWN choices of shows when I want them. Once there is an iPhone client, I may just do that.

    Media sources need to get it into their collective heads that this is now a "have it your way" society. We want only what we want, precisely when we want it, and delivered exactly how we want it delivered. If they can provide those precise capabilities, and find a way to make money at it in the process, they will be immensely successful. Google is a prime example. If they don't provide those capabilities, we don't settle for a half-baked attempt. We find another way to get it.

    The greedy media companies killed brand loyalty and consumer respect for their corporate needs long ago. Their decade of aggressive customer-hating actions made it so most folks wouldn't care if every company in that whole industry died and dried up tomorrow. If they did, modern digital-age companies with far more sense would step in and take it all over in a heartbeat providing exactly what we want with less fuss and greater sucess.

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