Who Wants To Watch Full Length Movies On Their Mobile Phones?

from the please-tell-me-this-is-an-april-fools-joke dept

We were just talking about how people don't want to watch broadcast TV on their mobile phones, as the content isn't really designed for people on the go, and all of a sudden Sony thinks that people will want to watch full-length feature films on their mobile phones? Yes, Sony has worked out a deal to offer streaming feature films on AT&T mobile phones starting in May. The films are old films that have already had all the marketing life squeezed to death out of them ("Karate Kid," "Ghostbusters," "Bugsy"). While there won't be a charge to watch them, they will include advertisements (because there's nothing people like better than watching commercials on a tiny mobile screen as they wait to see the ending of "Ghostbusters"). Oh yeah, also, viewers have no control over the timing. It's not "on-demand," it'll just be an ongoing loop. Weren't companies like AT&T just complaining about too much bandwidth being wasted?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 2 Apr 2008 @ 6:55am

    If you had done your research properly you would have found out that it does not use the data bandwidth, I would recommend doing some research before making a statement about something which you do not fully understand or even if you think you do.

    I used this on a trial basis, the quality is good and it was quite useful when stuck waiting in places that I did not want to be at, The Hospital for example.
    The tv portion does not kill your battery, it does not use data connections, there is no buffering or downloading, it streams and it's like your TV at home minus a DVR and quite smaller.
    It was also rather convenient to quite my nieces by putting on the cartoon channel while we were in the car.
    The ads I saw were the same frequency I would see as if I was watching regular tv I truly did not see any downside to having this feature. It was kind of a cool experience to get to use it for a while and like most of you above before I used it I was thinking, who the hell would want this crap. I wouldn't use it everyday but once you get to see and use it you may feel differently. I know not everyone will ilke, want or use it but I would.

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