Craigslist Blamed Yet Again For Something It Didn't Do

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Weren't we just pointing out that everyone seems to want to blame Craigslist for things that it has no responsibility for? The latest is Connecticut's Attorney General, who has attacked Craigslist for allowing ads for prostitution. This is hardly a new charge. Last summer, the mayor of Atlanta lobbed similar charges at Craigslist. But, of course, just like that time, the blame is misplaced. Craigslist is the tool provider, not the content provider. To blame Craigslist isn't just wrong, when it comes to illegal acts like prostitution, it's downright backwards. Why? Because as some police have realized, Craigslist is actually a really useful tool for police to track down and arrest people breaking the law.

So not only is it placing the blame on the wrong party, it's doing so in a way that would only drive the prostitution further underground, making it harder for the police (and the Attorney General's office) to do their job. How smart is that? But it sure does generate headlines... The Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, had this to say in a letter to Craigslist:
"I am astonished and appalled by Craigslist's refusal to recognize the reality of prostitution on its Web site -- despite advertisements containing graphic photographs and hourly rates, and widespread public reports of prostitutes using the site."
To which I can only reply: I am astonished and appalled by Richard Blumenthal's refusal to recognize the reality of liability and section 230 safe harbors -- despite it being the law of the land and widely known and discussed in legal circles.

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  1. identicon
    Billy Jeah, 30 Mar 2008 @ 6:31am


    Biblically speaking, prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. However, it was conducted in a business-like way and the women were not married. It was....a way to make a living for women of less-than-optimal economic situations/opportunities. They did not do it because they liked it (necessarily) or because they wanted to but because few options were open to them from a professional perspective.

    Ok. I am a 'Bible thumper'(those are your words, not mine) and I am also a nurse. I do not necessarily disagree with you in regards to legalizing prostitution. From a public health perspective it would probably make regulation of health issues more efficient and better. Oh, and I am married and I don't worry about my husband being 'led astray' by any of these women. Tax them (prostitutes/Johns/pimps) as you would any 'sin' (smoking, alcohol) and regulate them. If someone wants to participate, is NOT 'love', it is a physiological release (like the endorphins released during a sport). The girls should be protected and monitored as should the participants.

    As for prostitution, it occurs in MANY different arenas in our society and is less regulated than tobacco or alcohol. For instance, I disagree with how much $$$ is spent on team athletics (high-school, college, professional, etc.) It is a sin and we are 'prostituting' the players to benefit the owner(s)/schools. But, because the act of intercourse is not involved, this prostitution in our society is viewed as acceptable (overall). And some sports organizations have even achieved a 'tax exempt' status. How the heck does that happen? Tell me how the NFL can be a 'Non-Profit'? That's BS! I do my charity work in addition to my nursing. Does that mean I should be able to achieve 'Non-Profit' status? NO.

    Leave Craig's List alone and just put it in perspective.

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