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eBay Bans Auctions Of Digital Goods

from the another-market-mucked-up-by-digital-goods dept

We've pointed out more than a few times how digital goods muck up traditional markets that are based on the concept of scarcity, and it appears that eBay has come to the same conclusion. It's now banned the direct sale of purely digital goods from either its auctions or its direct sales offerings. Instead, those who want to sell digital goods need to put up a classified ad on the site, rather than a transactional platform. The basic reason has to do with the (wouldn't you know it?) infinitely reproduceable nature of digital goods. That allows eBay sellers to list the same product many, many, many times over, since they have an infinite supply. This practice is screwing up listings and (more importantly) is being used to manipulate feedback ratings, and so eBay has done away with it.

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  1. identicon
    Twinrova, 2 Apr 2008 @ 9:23am

    Another eBay mistake when bigger problems exist

    One poster described eBay as a cesspool and I have to agree.
    I recently went there to find a part for my vehicle and the site was completely different than the last time I visited.

    I was appalled at the number of crap listings with "0.99" starting bids but had a $49.99+ shipping & handling fee.

    Then I come to find out buyers are no longer susceptible to negative feedback from sellers in addition to increased fees to sellers. Translation: The buyer is going to get screwed big time.

    I didn't find the part I was looking for, which is probably a good thing. I, for one, will never return to eBay again.

    Cesspool is an understatement. If any site proves my point that capitalism is dead having replaced by greed, it is eBay (both sellers and the company).

    Long live Amazon. :)

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