Second Life Lawsuit Over Copied Goods Settled

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Just after we discussed yet another bad situation involving bringing real world laws into virtual worlds involving World of Warcraft, it looks like there's an update on another such case we discussed last year. In this case, it was a dispute between two members of Second Life, one of whom had "copied" items made by another and started selling them. This seemed perfectly ridiculous, since being a virtual world where there is no scarcity, nothing was being stolen. Indeed, it looks like the participants in the lawsuit more or less came to the same conclusion. They've "settled" the case, but by settling, it sounds like they really meant giving up the case. No money is exchanging hands and no one is admitting to any guilt. That sounds a lot more like they're just dropping the case.

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  1. identicon
    DanC, 28 Mar 2008 @ 7:06am

    Re: IP: socialist monopoly or capitalist property

    Ascribing the epithet "monopoly" to the basic right of exclusion enjoyed by a property owner is, in this context, a needlessly incendiary phenomenon.

    'Monopoly' tends to become incendiary when referring to it in the political sense. We are using the term 'monopoly' in an economic context, which is an appropriate description of both copyrights and patents.

    And if you copy from me unlawfully, I lose nothing less than the per-copy market price, the price I would have charged you, even if you wouldn't have paid it

    That's not logical. Yes, infringement is illegal. But is not the same thing as theft. You can't lose something you don't possess. So, if someone copies your work, your rights have been violated, but you haven't actually lost anything.

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