Second Life Lawsuit Over Copied Goods Settled

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Just after we discussed yet another bad situation involving bringing real world laws into virtual worlds involving World of Warcraft, it looks like there's an update on another such case we discussed last year. In this case, it was a dispute between two members of Second Life, one of whom had "copied" items made by another and started selling them. This seemed perfectly ridiculous, since being a virtual world where there is no scarcity, nothing was being stolen. Indeed, it looks like the participants in the lawsuit more or less came to the same conclusion. They've "settled" the case, but by settling, it sounds like they really meant giving up the case. No money is exchanging hands and no one is admitting to any guilt. That sounds a lot more like they're just dropping the case.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Mar 2008 @ 12:07pm

    Re: Re: "Perfectly Ridiculous?"

    @ Mitur Binesderty:

    You seem to have fallen into a recent trap regarding "intellectual" or "imaginary" property.

    There are trademarks, which protect the CONSUMER from buying crappy products pretending to be made by a company that are known for making good products.

    There are patent laws, which are to protect basement bound inventors FOR A LIMITED TIME (which has long since been raised to ridiculous levels, and are being granted for ridiculous reasons) and only financially. You can still use the idea, so long as you pay the patent holder.

    Then there is copyright. What your example entails is PLAGIARISM which has hundreds of years of precedent behind it.

    If you bothered to read or even know what you are talking about rather than just troll the 'Net while you are bored at work and being oh-so productive, you'd realize the NUMEROUS issues with applying copyright laws to objects in a video game/virtual world environment.

    Here's the hint: They ARE NOT the "real world" and they are trying to use RULES DESIGNED FOR the "real world." The rules that govern the worlds are not the same, the legalities can not be the same.

    You're probably one of those guys that thinks downloading music without paying for it is stealing. Stealing, with its very clear legal definition, despite the fact the copy you have cost the creator of the song/recording nothing they haven't already payed for.

    No loss, no theft.

    Juts because you can make money on Second Life doesn't mean it isn't a game. Hell, people have made money playing COUNTER STRIKE nearly since it came out (once upon a time Team3D were making 24-32 thousand a year in winnings playing Counter Strike, look it up).

    Second Life is a video game. It is a MMORPG. It may not be based in a sword & sorcery fantasy world, or in the far reaches of space in the future, but it IS a video game. It WAS designed for ENTERTAINMENT.

    I'd LOVE to see Blizzard try to sue someone for using the "dupe" cheat in Diablo II. Same issue, copying an object in a video game. It took the developers time and money to make the object.

    No one even would get banned for that crap before. The only difference between then and now is greed.

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