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by Mike Masnick

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Patent That Could Sue Web 2.0 Out Of Business Up For Auction

from the well-this-could-be-interesting dept

The Register has an article about one of the patents up for sale in the latest Ocean Tomo auction that could potentially be used to sue pretty much every web 2.0 company. The patent, for "a global sideband service distributed computing method" is described by its owner as being a core component in any kind of AJAX implementation, and lists out basically everyone as infringing. Any site that uses AJAX? Yup. Google, eBay, Yahoo? Yup. Amazon's S3 service? You bet. Whether or not this patent is valid or whether any of these companies actually infringe on it are two wide open questions, but given how much money is being bet on lawsuits of this nature, you can bet someone will take a shot at it. And how long will it be before one of the patent system defenders shows up to claim that these firms clearly "stole" the technology?

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  1. identicon
    Captain Obvious, 26 Mar 2008 @ 5:55am

    XMLHttpRequest is nothing more than a javascript program getting data from a web site in XML format. I think that to a practitioner, geting data from a server over the web is pretty obvious.

    Asynchronous retrieval is nothing more than loading a web page, while other elements of the web page are added as they are loaded separately; e.g. images that load after the initial page pops up. Asynchronous XML retrieval is just data being loded into the web page after the main portion of the page initially.

    I'll continue my "obvious whine" by pointing out we did things like this well before 1999, so in addition to obvious it is also prior art...

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