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Putting A Movie On TV Before It's In Theaters

from the Mark-Cuban's-latest-experiment dept

While some movie studio execs are still claiming that it's not "technically possible" to release movies in the theaters and elsewhere at the same time, Mark Cuban forges ahead doing just that. A couple years ago he made news for doing a simultaneous theater and DVD release of a Steven Soderbergh film, recognizing that people want to watch a movie wherever it's most convenient to them. Unfortunately, short-sighted theater owners boycotted the movie and the press quickly condemned this "day and date" technique as a failure. Of course, it didn't help that the movie just wasn't that good.

However, that experience hasn't stopped Cuban from continuing to experiment and push the movie industry into this century. His latest, as pointed out by Carlo, is that the new Demi Moore and Michael Caine movie Flawless is actually debuting on Cuban's HDNet TV channel two days before the theatrical release. Slowly, but surely, perhaps theater owners will recognize that they can't rely on artificial scarcity to get people into the seats. They'll have to start innovating and offering a better experience. Perhaps it's worth noting that Cuban is also a theater owner... and appears to actually be working hard on making the theater experience better and experimenting with unique business models. If he, as a theater owner, isn't scared of "competing" against home theaters, why are other theater owners so afraid?

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  1. identicon
    PRMan, 27 Mar 2008 @ 4:01pm

    Pretty good movie

    Since seeing it on this column, I went ahead and recorded it and watched it last night on HDNet Movies.

    It was a pretty good movie. The questions it raised from the standpoint of legal vs. moral rights and wrongs were very interesting and the acting was quite good and, for one of the few times in my life I didn't figure it out near the beginning of the movie.

    Go see it, it's worth a look.

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