Turkish Officials Never Learn: Ban Slide Along With YouTube

from the the-definition-of-insanity dept

It would appear that Turkish officials don't seem to understand quite how the internet works these days -- despite having received quite a few lessons already. After all, this is the country that has banned YouTube for a sophomoric video making fun of the country's founder. It's the type of silly video no one would pay attention to... until Turkey decided to block access to all of YouTube because of it. Then, of course, this silly little video that no one cared about was seen everywhere. Eventually Turkey lifted the ban, but having learned nothing put the ban back in place not just once, but two more times. Each time, it provided much more attention to the silly pointless videos. Apparently, that message has not gotten through to Turkish authorities who have now banned the multimedia hosting site Slide as well. Again, they didn't bother to inform Slide or even ask the company to take down the offending content. They just banned the entire site over some content that very few people had probably seen.

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  1. identicon
    James, 25 Mar 2008 @ 4:38am


    I find it highly amusing that many countries all over the world that have functioned much the same way for hundreds of years are being dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age because of the internet (well, among other things).

    Organized religion, much like communism, breaks down when people have free thought and become educated. Its like we're in the wild west w/the internet, and one day we'll look back and laugh at the some of the comical aspects of the entire experience.

    Hmmm.. maybe we can even have a reality/sports show based on all of this, titled, "Who's blocking what this week?" I'm guessing the Chinese and the Iranians will take the top two spots, of course.. but maybe Turkey can go for the bronze?

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