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It's always amusing when errant emails get sent around. For example, we still get plenty of emails every day from people angry at for the way Amazon signs people up for their Amazon Prime program (the way it's billed on credit cards, we're the first Google search on the name, and people who don't read, somehow think that we, at Techdirt, billed them). Slashdot points us to an amusing article about the guy who owns, which is now set up as a blog highlighting some of the more ridiculous emails he gets. The reason he gets so many emails is many systems just put "donotreply" in the "from" field, and people still reply -- and it all goes to this guy. Most interesting is that he's given up explaining this to people (except in a few exceptional cases), because they tend to just get angry at him.

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    Rich Kulawiec, 27 Mar 2008 @ 5:50am

    The entire concept is a fabrication of ignorant newbies who have failed to grasp the rudiments of email practice. *Every* message should have a valid replyable address (either implicit or specified in Reply-To) so that automated responses (such as rejects/bounces) and manual responses (from humans) are received, read and acted upon.

    Some senders plaintively, cluelessly whine that they don't have the resources to handle such traffic, as it eludes their feeble comprehension that the only correct answer to such a situation is "don't generate it".

    ANYONE using a "donotreply" address on their outbound mail does not deserve the privilege of sending mail on our network. Anyone choosing to do so anyway does fully deserve all the pain, embarrassment, etc. that they're begging for.

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