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CBC Plans To BitTorrent Its Own TV Program

from the about-time... dept

Four years ago, we were among a group of folks talking about how the combination of BitTorrent and RSS could create a really fantastic online TiVo type solution. Rather than having to wait for your TV to broadcast a show, broadcasters could put the shows online, via BitTorrent, and you could subscribe with RSS, getting every TV show you wanted. Of course, since that time, online hosted video has become more popular, with the likes of YouTube getting much of the attention. However, it looks like the idea of using BitTorrent to distribute TV programs in an authorized manner hasn't disappeared. Joe writes in to alert us that CBC Television up in Canada is planning to distribute copies of their program Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister via BitTorrent right after it airs. And, yes, they'll be doing it DRM-free. As the folks behind the show have said: "The show will [be] completely free (and legal) for you to download, share & burn to your heart's desire." Nice to see some are starting to get it. Rather than locking stuff down, you want to share it as widely as possible.

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  1. identicon
    Mikester, 21 Mar 2008 @ 11:10pm

    Nice but...

    While I am excited to see a network paradigm shifting, you need to realize that the CBC is Canada's public broadcaster. That is, their shows, including this one, are paid for by Canadian tax payers. So really, they are probably in the best position to experiment with this concept with less to lose than a private broadcaster.

    What is especially interesting however, is how / if this will start having any affect on Rogers or other Canadian ISPs that throttle or interfere in some way with bittorrent transfers. I doubt it will any time soon, but hopefully as the CBC releases more content to bittorrent, the less argument the ISPs have for interfering due to piracy concerns. Less face it, if Canadians can't get access to the content their tax dollars are paying for, the CRTC (Canadian FCC) should be stepping in and forcing Rogers et al to stop what they are doing to torrent transfers.

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