Flying Security: Shackle All Passengers With Tazer-Like Bracelets

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And we were just talking about how the expected boom in air travel security technology never materialized, and along comes Bruce Schneier to point out a patent on a bracelet that passengers would be forced to wear, which could provide a debilitating shock at the decision of a crew member. And, yes, there's a company trying to commercialize this idea. I'm sure absolutely nothing might go wrong by strapping up all passengers with a potentially debilitating shock. Nothing at all...

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    Ron (profile), 21 Mar 2008 @ 2:21pm

    Cone on ...

    I'm guessing that when some terrorist person starts making threats, there's gonna be a PANIC button that simply lays everone down. But, what does the flight crew do with the terrorist person now writing on the floor (along with 350 other passengers equally as incapcitated)? Maybe that's how we do early identification of terrorists; they're the ones wearing thick rubber socks. I think it might be easier to just drug all passengers so they are unconscious for the entire flight. It will save on food, you need a smaller flight crew; just enough to handle the injections as you sit in your seat, won't even need functioning toilets on the plane.

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