Flying Security: Shackle All Passengers With Tazer-Like Bracelets

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And we were just talking about how the expected boom in air travel security technology never materialized, and along comes Bruce Schneier to point out a patent on a bracelet that passengers would be forced to wear, which could provide a debilitating shock at the decision of a crew member. And, yes, there's a company trying to commercialize this idea. I'm sure absolutely nothing might go wrong by strapping up all passengers with a potentially debilitating shock. Nothing at all...

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    Danny, 21 Mar 2008 @ 3:09pm

    Problems are different than the ones surfaced here

    They are going to have to have different codes on each bracelet; they can't shock everyone. If they shocked everyone, they'd lose (120-350 - 1) lawsuits each time they used the shocker. And they won't have to look up the code each time, creating either an interface or a algorithm so they know which bracelet goes with which seat is easy.

    But here are the problems:
    1. What if people change seats? Happens a lot (I've done it a few times this year). Will they stop permitting this, or will they make people change bracelets with each seat change. And when people travel in groups, it is not unusual for them to swap around mid flight to talk with one another.

    2. What if ma and pa decide to give little Joey the window seat, even though pa is listed in the window seat (though parents of toddlers are rarely the problem passengers)?

    3. What if the very heavy passenger has a wrist too large for the bracelet? Does that passenger not get to fly?

    4. What if there are a group of 6 or so real terrorists on the plane. Once they are up out of their seats and moving around, how is the cockpit to know which assigned seats to shock?

    5. Enplaning and deplaning takes longer now. Passengers are pissed (especially the ones trying to make connections), and airlines increase their turn around times.

    I just don't see this wrist cuff thing happening. And we don't hear airlines clamoring for it, only the guy with the patent trying to make a buck.

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