Reznor Grosses $1.6 Million In The First Week Of Ghosts I-IV

from the nope,-no-way-for-musicians-to-make-money-at-all dept

Last week, we noted that Trent Reznor's latest experiment with business models had resulted in selling out the exclusive deluxe edition of his latest Nine Inch Nails offering, grossing $750,000. That, of course, didn't include any of the lower level sales. Reznor has now released the news that in the first week alone, the project has grossed $1.6 million in revenue, despite the fact that the music was widely available for free download (some of that helped along by Reznor himself). How long until someone says that there's no way to make money giving away music again?

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  1. identicon
    ReallyEvilCanine, 14 Mar 2008 @ 9:39am

    Re: Re: Re: This simplistic view is getting really

    That's fine for those who have the money and for the handful of Rick Rubins who have the track record. What do you propose for everyone else? The royalty system allows for work to be done on spec and keeps barriers to entry lower.

    I don't like the mess we have but the answers being thrown out aren't realistic and don't take into account a huge part of the music business.

    And if such a model were instituted, how would that affect authors? Books are arguably in the same boat (I can find a PDF of damned near every popular title out there) and authors don't do performances. Research into electronic paper continues and I expect in about 20 years we'll have book-like electronic books with the back cover a flat-pack battery, the front cover containing the electronics and the paper containing all the words of files you load into it the way you load mp3s into a player today. Copy and distribution costs of PDFs or (whatever format they choose) drops to nothing. How does an author earn anything?

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