Reznor Grosses $1.6 Million In The First Week Of Ghosts I-IV

from the nope,-no-way-for-musicians-to-make-money-at-all dept

Last week, we noted that Trent Reznor's latest experiment with business models had resulted in selling out the exclusive deluxe edition of his latest Nine Inch Nails offering, grossing $750,000. That, of course, didn't include any of the lower level sales. Reznor has now released the news that in the first week alone, the project has grossed $1.6 million in revenue, despite the fact that the music was widely available for free download (some of that helped along by Reznor himself). How long until someone says that there's no way to make money giving away music again?

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    Mike (profile), 14 Mar 2008 @ 9:06am

    Re: This simplistic view is getting really tiresom

    Do you seriously expect to shift the costs to the performers who would have to purchase the rights from the others and keep track of each song they play at each concert, cross-reference with the amount made at each concert and pay the percentages out?

    No. I expect them to hire people just like any business hires people. Do you get a percentage/royalty from your boss on every sale your company makes?

    Clearly, there are a ton of ways for musicians to make money (and I'll note that you seem to claim performance is the only way, but Reznor's revenue here has nothing to do with performances).

    If the musicians needs a good support team in order to make the music (and make money) then he'll figure out a reasonable way of paying them.

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