Congress Investigating Alleged Problems With Martin's Management Of The FCC

from the what's-really-going-on-at-the-FCC dept

It looks like some folks in Congress are beginning to question Kevin Martin's leadership at the FCC. Rep. John Dingell, along with some other Representatives sent a strongly worded letter to Martin demanding he hand over an awful lot of information, including memos, emails, notes and schedules pertaining to a variety of different things. The letter itself (pdf) notes that they're investigating Martin based on "credible" allegations concerning how the FCC has been run under Martin. While the letter details what Dingell is asking for, it doesn't shed too much light on exactly what the allegations are -- so we'll just have to wait and see what comes out down the road.

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  1. identicon
    Fred Flinstone, 14 Mar 2008 @ 4:28am


    Martin is a Bush/Cheney loyalist. He worked on the Bush campaign in Florida. His wife works for Cheney. Martin is trying to build a political career and run for office in NC. He has used FCC money to travel to NC repeatedly, and hires heavily from NC. Martin came in and fire everyone who had anything to do with the previous chairman Powell (a republican). Then not wanting anyone to challenge anything he is doing, he reassigned all of the agency experts to useless positions. He then systematically destroyed VoIP competitors to AT&T - and attacked cable.

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