by Mike Masnick

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Amazingly Enough: People Don't Want To Pay To Watch Broadcast TV On Their Mobile Phones

from the who-woulda-thunk-it? dept

Back in 2004, with mobile companies left and right announcing plans to launch premium-priced broadcast TV services for mobile phones, some of us were wondering who would actually pay for such a thing? After all, you were talking about a tiny screen and people on the go who likely didn't have the time to sit and watch an entire TV program. Even more importantly, in the age of both time-shifting and internet video, it's increasingly less important to be able to see a TV program right now, when you can catch up later. Yet, that didn't stop many companies from throwing billions into such projects, spurred on by analyst reports predicting huge revenue to come. Yet, after all these years, it seems that mobile operators are finally realizing that people just aren't that interested -- especially if it costs extra. It's no surprise why mobile operators ignored all the warning signs. Analyst firms were singing the praises of mobile data services and warning any operator that didn't jump on the bandwagon that they'd be left behind. Yet, at some point, you'd think it would make sense for the mobile operators and the analysts hyping this stuff up to take a step back and see if what they were pitching actually had any value to users.

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  1. identicon
    StevenMF, 7 Mar 2008 @ 8:40am

    Pay Phone TV

    Every time I see the request to soend $9 a month (or whatever) to watch Cartoon Network or ESPN on my 2" phone screen I chuckle. Who thought this would fly? Lunacy

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