And Just Why Are Military Officials Sending Top Secret Info Over Email?

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The Register has a story about how the guy who ran the website (which promoted the village of Mildenhall in the UK) has completely shut down the website following pressure received from US officials after they discovered that emails intended for Air Force personnel at the Mildenhall Air Force base (who uses the domain were being misdirected to the owner of the .com site. We've seen similar stories of misdirected emails in the past, so perhaps this isn't a huge surprise. In fact, a similar issue may have opened up the Justice Department to one of its big scandals last year, when emails intended for addresses at were sent instead to However, the question remains why anyone is sending top secret info, such as the whereabouts of President Bush as well as battlefield strategies and passwords, over unsecured email accounts in the first place? Isn't the military supposed to keep those things off the main grid?

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  1. identicon
    Brian, 4 Mar 2008 @ 12:34am

    How does a conversation like that really occur?

    "Uh, are you the owner of Yeah... we're gonna have to ask you to take down your site. Why? Because we employ a bunch of retards. Also, we'd like to please ask you to forget about that secret list of WoW, Second Life and Eve-Online suspected terrorists we sent you. (That bastard luvspoontang who killed my paladin is gonna pay.) Anyway, we realize that we have absolutely no right to ask this of you, but do take down your site. If you don't, we'll make your life hell with all kinds of costly law suits. You won't be able to afford an Internet connection, much less run a site."

    ::5 minutes of laughter:: "You're serious? I realize that you can't see me flipping you off through the phone, but I'm doing it anyway." ::click::

    ~Brian, who loves seeing his tax dollars at work.

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