Blaming YouTube For Kids Blowing Stuff Up?

from the it-ain't-youtube's-fault dept

People seem to have this weird fascination with blaming YouTube for the stuff people do on YouTube. The latest is in an article that discusses the fact that adolescent males tend to be fans of blowing stuff up -- with a fair number of them filming the activity and putting it on YouTube. The article suggests that the convergence of a few different technology developments are at play here: the internet has made it much easier to get instructions on how to blow stuff up in a big way, many more people have access to cameras with which to create a video record of the explosions and YouTube makes it easy to put those videos online and gain a worldwide audience. The fact that adolescent boys have long had a fascination with blowing stuff up isn't disputed, of course. That's pretty much remained constant. Yet, the article seems to brush over the fact that these YouTube videos also make it incredibly easy for police to track down and catch the folks who post such videos. Yet, there's always someone who still thinks it's at least partially YouTube's fault. In this case, it's someone who runs a non-profit focused on kids' online safety, claiming that "YouTube and other sites have not taken responsibility for allowing such videos to be posted." That might be because it's not YouTube's responsibility. It's just a hosting platform. Does the person who said that blame the telephone company for the fact that telephones are used to commit crimes these days? Meanwhile, just because you're blowing stuff up, it doesn't mean it can't be educational.

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  1. identicon
    Ray Trygstad, 3 Mar 2008 @ 1:40pm

    Kids blowing things up? We were doing that in the

    I had LOTS of friends who blew MANY things up in the late 60's/early 70's with no YouTube at all for inspiration. They even manufactured their own nitroglycerin, a pretty tricky process. A couple of them spent one summer afternoon blowing up granite boulders in a lot right across the road from the local San Diego County Sheriff's substation. The deputies did come over to check on them, but since they they were properly attired in coveralls and hard hats they just let them continue; you think they might have noticed that THEY WERE ONLY 15 YEARS OLD. One guy even was caught (before detonation) with the entire footbridge leading to the back gate of our junior high all wired up and ready to blow. Nobody ever had any intention of hurting anyone, no revolutionary crap, they just loved to watch things BLOW UP. (And what 15-year-old boy doesn't?)

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