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The Streisand Effect is getting a bit more coverage these days. After the Associated Press mentioned it the other day, I got to sit down and talk with Robert Siegel for today's "All Things Considered" where we discussed The Streisand Effect starting with the Wikileaks case and moving on to some other cases where the Effect clearly made an appearance. If this keeps up, maybe we can look forward to a day when lawyers think twice about trying to force perfectly legitimate content offline.

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    Mike (profile), 1 Mar 2008 @ 10:57am


    The basics, as I understand them are this: if you don't actively protect your intellectual property, if someone comes in and steals something, in court you can lose the case. "Use it or lose it," is, to my understanding the "rule," here.

    There are a few points here. First off, the Streisand Effect isn't just about intellectual property claims. In fact most recent examples (such as the wikileaks case) are not. Second, as I was just discussing the other day, the "use it or lose it" claim is not quite accurate.

    First, it does not apply to copyright or patents. The only area where it sort of applies is trademark. But the issue there isn't that you *have* to sue everyone (or threaten to sue everyone) but that you need to make reasonable efforts to prevent the mark from becoming generic. That doesn't mean suing everyone.

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