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The Streisand Effect is getting a bit more coverage these days. After the Associated Press mentioned it the other day, I got to sit down and talk with Robert Siegel for today's "All Things Considered" where we discussed The Streisand Effect starting with the Wikileaks case and moving on to some other cases where the Effect clearly made an appearance. If this keeps up, maybe we can look forward to a day when lawyers think twice about trying to force perfectly legitimate content offline.

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    John Vore, 1 Mar 2008 @ 9:31am

    I'm not a lawyer, but I've paid a lot of money to lawyers to cover intellectual property, from trademark to copyright to a patent attempt.

    The basics, as I understand them are this: if you don't actively protect your intellectual property, if someone comes in and steals something, in court you can lose the case. "Use it or lose it," is, to my understanding the "rule," here. So while these incidents may seem trivial to outsiders, the way i.p. works in the United States makes it necessary to go after trivial stuff in order to avoid having to fight a major battle later on.

    This isn't to say that there aren't other reasons at work--and it does not address Ms. Streisand's concern. She's a public figure--and there's the key on that tangent: "public"--meaning she goes on stage to make money. And she has people who manage her public image. I doubt any of them live in her home, and I doubt her home is someplace where she rakes in the dollars.

    We need to think through all of these ideas very thoroughly as our technologies become more and more the least, we need to adjust our expectations and realize that in the now-future, everyone is a potential public figure just waiting to happen...

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