Comcast Hires People Off The Street To Fill Seats At FCC Hearing

from the better-to-keep-out-those-net-neutrality-hippies dept

We pretty much ignored yesterday's FCC hearing concerning Comcast's traffic shaping activities, as the whole thing seemed like a bit of grandstanding. However, it's fairly stunning to find out that Comcast has admitted to hiring people off the street to fill seats at the hearing, blocking out many Comcast critics who were turned away once the room was full. Comcast claims that they hired the people merely to act as placeholders for Comcast employees (since, apparently, Comcast employees are too important to actually show up on time and wait in line like everyone else). However, as the picture at that first link shows many of the "paid" sitters stayed throughout the event and either slept or cheered on Comcast.

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  1. identicon
    Top, 27 Feb 2008 @ 7:26am

    Free Press mirror

    Relying on "Comcast critics," who have an incentive to make this seem like a grand conspiracy, as sources, and then taking pictures of two random people in the audience (who very well may have been there at the behest of Free Press) is poor journalism. The folks at Free Press have a habit of screaming that the sky is falling -- and always on them, and by extension, the concerned public that is being shut out. Free Press and their ilk are just upset that they got beat at their own game -- overloading public hearings with "concerned citizens" that all walk to the mic carrying Free Press talking points.

    Comcast may not be innocent in the whole Net Neutrality game, but using line standers is hardly reason to claim the whole hearing was a sham.

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