Government Continues To Search Virtual Worlds For Terrorists

from the anyone-look-on-America's-Army? dept

A few weeks back, we pointed to a ridiculous report from the federal government's Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, claiming that places like Second Life could be breeding grounds for terrorists. Why Second Life as opposed to any standard web chat room? That's not at all clear. Salon has gone through and thoroughly debunked the notion that terrorists are likely to use Second Life, noting that the so-called "experts" who made the claims clearly had never used Second Life. Yet, don't think that means the government won't keep up its fear-mongering over the issue. Wired is reporting that the U.S. intelligence community is working on software to detect terrorists infiltrating World of Warcraft. Initially, the program will focus on just profiling the behavior of people in such virtual worlds, but down the road they hope that it will automatically identify those likely to be terrorists. I wonder if they'll use similar programs in the Army's own America's Army online video game?

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  1. identicon
    dennis parrott, 26 Feb 2008 @ 2:55pm

    you guys are all missing the real point...

    that report was nothing more than a justification for some bunch of bored gubbmint types to be able to play 2nd life at work without getting flak about it!!

    imagine it:
    Boss: you playing 2nd life AGAIN!!!!

    Luser: NO!! I'm looking for terrorists boss!

    Boss: do you really expect me to believe that?

    Luser: Yes! Terrorists are infiltrating 2nd life and using for a base and communication platform. Seriously.

    Boss: Hmmm... Better not take a chance. Carry on soldier!

    It is genius. Luser uses gubbmint assets to play 2nd life all day.

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