Man Gets 3 Years In Jail For Fake Facebook Profile

from the fraud-or-fun? dept

Earlier this month, we pointed to the case of a Moroccan computer engineer who was arrested, supposedly for "stealing" the Moroccan prince's profile on Facebook. As we noted in the post, the original details weren't clear on whether the guy had somehow gained control over the prince's actual Facebook page (which seemed unlikely) or if he'd just set up a fake profile. Further details revealed, indeed, that the guy had merely set up a fake profile of the prince for fun. Given how common fake profiles of celebrities are on Facebook, it seems rather ridiculous to consider that being akin to identity fraud. Apparently, however, the judicial system in Morocco feels differently. The guy in question has now been sentenced to three years in jail. This seems ridiculously excessive, especially since it doesn't sound like the fake profile was negative in anyway. The guy, Fouad Mourtada, claims to be a fan of the prince who just saw the opportunity to have a bit of fun in setting up a profile for him. It's difficult to see how any court with any sense of reason could consider that to be the equivalent of identity fraud.

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  1. identicon
    Facebook know it all, 25 Aug 2013 @ 9:12am

    Re: Wow...

    Most MySpace and Facebook celebrity profiles that are real are linked to their twitter accounts where they don't have to deal with constant private messaging. Then there are their paid representatives who are told what they can post, usually adverts about upcoming music and movies or projects. Also, on Facebook they have what is known as community pages, not to be confused with fan pages, community pages are set up by Facebook. Then, every time you mention the person or thing it shows up on that community page whether you aloud it or not and whether they allow it or not. . When a real celeb joins Facebook, that community page becomes their own page, and it no linger says " community page" You have to verify it is truly you to do this. Most celeb profiles are not searchable. They have special privalige. And people who are fakes and pretending to be a celeb with a real timeline. And not just a page can be very dangerous.

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