That Didn't Take Long At All: $89 Million Australian Internet Filters Called A Failure

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Last August the Australian Prime Minister announced plans to spend many millions of dollars to offer free internet filters that parents could use to keep their kids from surfing porn. The filters were cracked by kids in a matter of days. While we noted that this should have made politicians realize what a waste the program was, instead they just said it explained why they needed to spend even more. Reader Stack writes in to let us know that the Australian government has now declared the entire program to be a failure. While the government had predicted that 2.5 million households would make use of the filters, only 144,000 were downloaded or ordered on CD-ROM and only about 29,000 were actually being used -- a wee bit under the targeted amount. Of course, rather than recognize that maybe spending money on filters isn't the best way to deal with this issue, the new government sees this as more evidence to go ahead with its plan to force ISPs to censor the internet instead. How many more millions will get wasted before that program is declared a failure as well?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Feb 2008 @ 6:15am

    Re: Protecting children on the internet with WiHoo

    The problem with these "sterile" environments is that it doesn't teach child how to be responsible nor does it teach them how to protect themselves from the dangers that exist, those same dangers that they WILL have to face on their own sometime. All it does do is allow many parents to feel like they've "done their job to protect their children" and now they can ignore little johnny or jenny while they go sit on the couch and watch TV. It's also been proven time and time again this "safe" environment doesn't work. You mention that the technology that you use is "updated daily", which means that every day "bad" content is still there for the children to access.

    I support your right to protect your children in the way you see fit. As for me I would much rather teach my children and help guild them to be responsible and safe through their own actions than to rely on artificial means that only allows me to think that they are safe and doesn't prepare them for life.

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